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My Monty Python Tribute

Never was there a group who possessed more wit,
Than those five hysterical Monty Python brits.
But let's not forget Gilliam, the American member,
His silly animations will long be remembered.
With pantomime horses and dead parrots so blue,
Grannies who terrorize and killer sheep, too,
It's no wonder Flying Circus has gained so many fans
who wear hankies on their heads and worship Spam.

I love to watch John Cleese doing a silly strut,
Or hitting Michael Palin with a large halibut.
Eric Idle cracks me up when he plays a poofy judge,
Or when he vexes Terry Jones with a constant "nudge nudge".
Graham Chapman, whose life tragically ended too soon,
Had always been an expert at playing a loon.
And last but not least, there's that Terry Gilliam bloke,
Who drew cartoons so funny, but onscreen, rarely spoke.

I adore the lumberjack who is confused about his sex,
And the Spanish Inquisition that nobody expects.
There is a competition for the upper class twits,
And a ragged old man who can only say "It's".
The Pythons can teach you "How Not To Be Seen",
Or how to fight someone armed with a tangerine.

And who else but these guys would have the guts
To instead of horses use coconuts?
Such was the case in "The Holy Grail",
Where most of the budget was spent on chain mail.
Among the film's crazy characters are
Some randy virgins and a sorcerer quite bizarre.
There's the Knights of "Ni" and a shrubbery they must get,
If not they'll make you pay, unless of course you say "It".
There's the tenacious Black Knight whose limbs get chopped off.
Despite the blows, "It's just a flesh wound", he scoffs.
Beware the killer rabbit, who has a knack for decapitation,
And the Frenchman who taunts you to the point of exasperation.

Monty Python's "Flying Circus" and "Holy Grail"
Are both solid proof that all others pale
In comparison to this legendary troupe.
For their rat tart, for their lupin soup,
These comical pioneers will certainly never
be forgotten as the ones who changed comedy forever.