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"Who am I?"

Well, my real name is Heather. I'm a teenager and I live in Baltimore, MD. I attend Lansdowne High School. My best buds Steph (aka Green Jell-O) and Becky (aka Tweets) refer to me as "Ms. Orange".

"What does my nickname mean??"

It's a reference to an awesome movie called "Reservoir Dogs". My fav character is Mr. Orange (Tim Roth, yay yay!) and my buds and I just started calling me "Ms. Orange".

"Who rocks my world?"

My all-time favorite actor is Mr. Gary Oldman. He's the greatest. Two other actors I adore are Al Pacino and Kevin Spacey (both *ahem* Oscar winners). And, obviously enough, there's Peter Outerbridge! Notable mention also goes to Jason Isaacs, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Hugo Weaving, and Christian Bale. I'm into every kind of music except most rap and country. I'm a TV addict, too. I watch Friends, Who's Line..?, Ally McBeal, Will & Grace, MST3K, SNL, Daily Show, and the X-Files.

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