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Chasing Cain Captures Toronto Homicide Realism

Chasing Cain

Discusses the realism of "Chasing Cain"
Men with Brooms gives curling a boost

Men with Brooms

From Playback magazine, discusses curling and how the film portrays the sport (05/14/01)
Men with Brooms and Bruises

Men with Brooms/General

Article/Interview from The Star (04/08/01)
Serendipity Point Films and Alliance Atlantis announce the start of a Robert Lantos production MEN WITH BROOMS

Men with Brooms

Article from Canada NewsWire (04/01/01)
Marine Life agrees with Outerbridge

Marine Life

Article from The Toronto Sun (09/15/00)
The Detectives Here Are Prime Suspects     Chasing CainFrom the National Post (08/12/00)
City Witness to Murder Most Foul

Chasing Cain

Article from The Toronto Star (08/05/00)
Help the Homeless: Another Canadian Film Finfs Temporary Shelter

Fools Die Fast

Article from EYE (02/24/00)
Untitled Cover Story

Giant Mine

Article from SEE Magazine (12/05/96)
Special Report: Toronto International Film Festival: Diary: Kissed


Diary of making of "Kissed" (09/09/96)